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Message from the Chair

Thank you everyone... for allowing me to stand and also lending me the chance to represent you as a Democratic voice here in Sweetwater County. Many people have come before me and I am grateful for the work that they have done and will continue to hear their voices as guidance into the future of our Democratic County party. I will not be striving for perfection, perfection doesn’t make sense to me, things can ALWAYS be better.

I’ve got a bit of an anger in me. I know that many of you do too. It’s taken some hard work and uncomfortable life experiences to get me to realize how to understand it and be able to use this anger in a productive way. I’m choosing to take on the role of chair not because the title sounds cool, or that I am any cooler because of it. I’m here because I hear too many stories on a regular basis. Stories where people can’t find jobs, or have more than one job, but no life- and the bills still aren’t paid. Stories where children and families are not getting what they need. Stories of those who choose to be themselves and get reprimanded by their own family and society for it. Stories where medically, the doctor isn’t scary anymore because of rubber gloves or shots, but cost. I love stories, but these ones shouldn’t be as common as they are.

Keep in mind that we are all human as we go forth into 2020. We have a lot of work to do. Every effort towards electing Democrats should be noticed, starting from registering and voting as a Democrat to running for office as a Democrat. Every effort counts. I was lucky enough to attend the Nellie Tayloe Ross Banquet in February for the first time. I met so many new Democrats, learned many new things that I haven’t been able to pull from my brain and acknowledge that I’ve learned it. One important thing that I would like to carry back to you is something Sarah Hunt (our state party field organizer-at the time) said. To be excited. Well I’ve not always been excited to be a Democrat, but I will tell you that I should be and will be.

I’m excited to work on strengthening unions, labor rights are human rights. I’m excited to work on strengthening education, education is a human right. I’m excited to work on healthcare issues, healthcare is a human right. A sustainable environment is a human right. Women’s rights, Minority rights, LGBTQ rights are all human rights and I am excited to be a Democrat in Sweetwater County in Wyoming and in the United States of America. Two words: Human Rights. I hope you will all join me in being excited!

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