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July Monthly Meeting Minutes- When Stan Blake tried to "Call to Question" and it didn't work out....

Sweetwater County Democratic Party Monthly Meeting

Green River, WY Evers Park BBQ

July 18, 2019

Call to order:

Pledge of Allegiance & Recognition

In attendance:

Chair: Meghan Jensen

Secretary: Lyndsey Love

Treasurer: Jim Wilson

State Committeewoman: Hollis Meader

WDP State Chair: Joe Barbuto

HD 60 John Freeman

HD 39 Stan Blake

Meghan Jensen called the meeting to order at 7:14. She introduced everyone and with the excitement from two House District members in attendance, she sadly forgot to do the Pledge of Allegiance. Luckily Representative Stan Blake was there to lead the Pledge. Representative John Freeman moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Representative Stan Blake. The motion passed.

Secretary’s Report: Jim Wilson moved to approve last month’s minutes, Brady Whitehead seconded. The motion passes.

Treasurer’s Report: Jim Wilson read the report aloud. Beginning balance of 2618.84, ending balance of 2537.42 We spent 1467.92 for the month on: .300 Weatherby Rifle, tickets for the raffle, watermelons, donuts, park fee, signage, checks and rootbeer floats. We still have a pending charge of 112.50 from May for the Green River Star advertisement. We brought in a total of 1499.00 from 50/50 raffle, gun raffle and Pass the Hat donations. Leighton Wessel approved, seconded by Mike Masterson. The motion passed.

Old Business

Meghan Jensen stated that she had spoken with Sara Hunt, the acting director of state party about doing a training for precinct persons in Sweetwater County. Discussions are ongoing, we will have to work on some funds to bring them to town. The training may be more beneficial closer to the election.

International Day went well. $239.00 was donated/raised by gun raffle and Mandy Lee won the Chamber Check raffle.

Meghan Jensen attended the Labor Caucus Rally, hopefully the event will grow the party and partnership with Uinta County in the years ahead.

New Business

Raymond Marmouze suggested that we get voter registration forms from county election office. We could try to get some people registered at the fair. There was discussion about focusing on high school students who will be able to vote in the next election.

Joe Barbuto said that the state party can assist with efforts to register new voters, but we need to look in the process before starting. Joe Barbuto said that non voters could make democratic candidates competitive. Representative John Freeman suggested getting a few people together to talk to Cindy Lane about election registration. Kaye Tyler said that she would look into it.

Meghan Jensen opened discussion about ideas for the fair. We are assigned to booth 6. We will have raffle tickets for the gun. Mike Masterson suggested a daily raffle as well.

Kaye Tyler asked about tickets. Meghan Jensen said there a two vouchers per day for the booth volunteers may be able to be reimbursed for the cost of tickets.

Members can now post to the website. Minutes and agenda are also available online at

Joe Barbuto talked about the Pig Roast on August 17trh for the State Central Committee meeting in South Pass City. They will be announcing the guest speaker next week. Tickets are available at He encouraged people to get a room early, as they will fill up soon.


Michele Irwin spoke about August 10th, Wyoming Game and Fish asking for volunteers to help build a fence to protect historical deer migration. Meghan said the information will be in the next email.

Rep. Stan Blake and Rep. John Freeman checked out the capital renovation. It was beautiful and worth the money. They encouraged everyone to see it if they have a chance. for pictures of the project.

Rep. Stan Blake mentioned that there was discussion about taxing hikers/hunters/bikes on state land.

Rep. John Freeman talked about the workers laid off in Gillette, and other closures. There may be $100 million dollars in lost revenue. The state will have to make up that money through taxes or the rainy day fund. There was a discussion about tax revenue from marijuana. Joe Barbuto encouraged everyone to work from the ground up, and get others involved. We have to start by electing Democrats to office. They encouraged constituents to e-mail our Democratic representation in our state with questions from the legislature and to remind them that we appreciate their hard work:

Robert Jensen drew the ticket for the 50/50 raffle, Mike Masterson won $135 and donated it back to the party.

Leighton Wessel made a motion to close and was seconded by Jim Wilson. The motion passed, the meeting was adjourned at 8:03.

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