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6/20/19 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Sweetwater County Democrats Meeting

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

7:00 pm

Reliance Park, Reliance WY

Presiding officers present:

Chair: Meghan Jensen

Treasurer: Jim Wilson

The meeting was called to order at 7:03. Everyone present led the pledge.

Secretary’s Report: Last month’s minutes. Motion to approve made by, Jim Wilson, Dana Furgason seconded. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Green River Star still owed $112.5o. The gun raffle expenditures will be announced at the next meeting. Cash donations included $422 from May's meeting: $200 for the 1983 fund, $100 for the 100x100 and $122 from 50/50 raffle won by Hollis Meader and donated back. Pass the Hat funds: $114, $102, $62. June's total donations equaled to $700. Expenditures included $125 to Rock Springs Chamber, $130 to Flaming Gorge Days Booth and $20 to International Days Booth. Current Available balance is 2618.84. Motion to approve made by Joe Barbuto, seconded by Michael Green. Passed.

Correspondence: Chamber News and the Green River Star invoice. Joe Barbuto announced the departure of Dean Ferguson as the Executive Director of the Wyoming Democratic Party and Sarah Hunt stepping up as the Acting Director. He also announced the 2019 Pig Roast, where it will mark the 150th anniversary of women's suffrage in South Pass, Wyoming on August 17th. Lander will also be the location of the Committee Meeting prior to the Pig Roast.

Old Business:

Congratulations to our new Treasurer, Jim Wilson. Fundraising goals still continued at the county level such as the 1983 fund and the 100x100. Upcoming events: Flaming Gorge Days and International Days. We are still in the process of purchasing a rifle.

New Business:

Meghan Jensen has been in contact with Sarah Hunt about training opportunities and needs to follow up. The State Party has offered many resources and help to county parties. International Days happens before the next monthly meeting. Joe Barbuto made a motion to allow the executive committee to allocate funds to the purchase of watermelon for the event. Joyce Corcoran seconded and it passed. Meghan Jensen entertained a motion to use funds in the amount of $30 for donuts purchased from Albertsons to provide for the West Vaco Rally promoting Worker's Rights. Motioned by Vicki Roth, seconded by Dana Furgason. Passed.


50/50 raffle held and $71 dollars was announced by Treasurer Jim Wilson. Rhonda Coleman won and donated it back to the pot. The meeting was informally adjourned by Meghan Jensen's children and formally closed at Don Pedros the next day at the Friday Luncheon after an overview of the meeting. Motioned by Mike Masterson and seconded by Dana Furgason. Passed.

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