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5/15/19 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Sweetwater County Democrats Meeting

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

7:00 pm

Western Wyoming Community College Room 208 Green River

Presiding officers present:

Chair: Meghan Jensen

State Committeewoman: Hollis Meader

The meeting was called to order at 7:01. Dana Ferguson led the pledge. Meghan introduced herself and Hollis for the sake of new members present.

Secretary’s Report: Last month’s minutes. Motion to approve made by, Leighton Wessel, Jim Wilson seconded. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Meghan made an Executive Decision per an email from the Green RIver Star to run an ad for Green River High School graduates for 112.50 that was due before the next monthly meeting. It was the same ad run as last year. Considered: The Rocket Miner for Rock Springs High School. Donations from the previous month included $113 and $148 from pass the hat from Friday Luncheons. Current Available balance is 2193.84.

Correspondence: Chamber News and the application to apply for a vendor spot for International Days

Old Business:

Congratulations to the new State Executive Committee: Joe Barbuto- Chair, Erin O’Doherty- Vice, Mandy Weaver-Secretary, Kendra Cross- Treasurer. The Delegate Selection plan, was mentioned with no discussion. Upcoming events include the Flaming Gorge Days, International Days, and the Red Desert Parade.

New Business:

Treasurer election. Two nominations were presented. Janice Kanadjian was nominated by Leighton Wessel. Mike Masterson seconded. James Wilson was nominated by Dana Ferguson. Seconded by Rhonda Coleman. Sarah Wessel discussed that since Janice was not present, nor had accepted the nomination, she should not be considered. The vote for the Treasurer position was held by acclamation and passed, with James Wilson as the new Treasurer.

Flaming Gorge Days. Need to get a signup sheet with distinct time slots. Have talking point cards ready, need to re-evaluate education talking points. If wanting to donate items for fundraising, have a proposal by next meeting. Having candy available has worked well in the past. The website has been updated and will be utilized more for events. Having an agenda and minutes available before meetings on the website and Facebook is getting worked on. Also, looking into texting options.

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