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11/21/19 Minutes- Legislative Talks Happen Even When the Roads are Bad

Sweetwater County Democrats Meeting

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

7:00 pm

Western Wyoming Community College Green River Campus

Presiding officers present:

Chair: Meghan Jensen

Treasurer: Jim Wilson

State Committeeman: Dana Furgason

The meeting was called to order at 7:24. Stan Blake led the pledge. Introductions were made. Stan Blake was recognized, Representing HD 39. A motion to approve the agenda was made by Stan Blake and seconded by Mike Masterson. The motion was passed.

Correspondence: Jim Wilson paid the Post Office Box. Social Media is being introduced into correspondence. Some social media correspondence included the presentation from Los Juntos pairing with the ACLU and sponsored by WWCC’s Sociology Department and Spanish Club the next day at WWCC’s campus. Wyoming Rapid Response Network will also be at WWCC’s campus that Saturday. Human Right’s Campaign also put out information that Rock Springs has a 0 concerning the ability to provide equality to LGBTQ+ groups in our community. Stan Blake reported that as a SMART Union representative, he is working on finalizing plans to provide funds for the Christmas Party. Stan also stated that the Legislature reconvenes in February 10th, where there is only 24 days left from the 36 days they used in the last session. December 10th will be the celebration in Cheyenne for the 150th celebration of womens’ suffrage.

Secretary’s Report: Meghan entertained the motion to table October’s minutes due to technical difficulties. Mike Masterson motioned to table October’s minutes. Stan Blake seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Jim Wilson presented the report. Balance Forward: 3,895.93. Income included the 50/50: $125. Pass the Hat: $102, $68, $108, for a total of $401 for November. There were no expenditures, bringing the ending balance to $4, 296.93 with an asset of $600. Stan Blake made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, it was seconded by Mike Martin. The motion passed.

Old Business: Getting people to meetings is still a priority. Bringing a friend to the meetings and getting active civically by visiting our web page for local meetings and attending are some of our strategies. Getting people to run for office is still an ongoing priority. Dealing with the Weatherby was acknowledged in September and tabled for October. It will be revisited again when we decide a raffle item for 2020.

New Business: Getting people to meetings including talking with our educational leaders and Hustle: a texting service. Talking to the Chambers in both Rock Springs and Green River was discussed to use our membership to advertise our meetings. Stan Blake will visit Green River Chamber to see what our options are. No one committed to visiting to Rock Springs Chamber. Consideration was given to posting flyers at WWCC’s campuses. Mark Lee mentioned using social media, which we do use: Facebook and Twitter. We have not paid to advertise with in the last year via social media. Voter registration could be a good way to involve younger generations, but there is still a concern that voter registration is a hard task to do offsite. We still need to work on getting active civically… locally. Consider helping those in need in our community, building steps for physically inable or even shoveling snow. We still do not have entertainment for our Christmas party. Doing a talent show amongst our members was an option. We’re still doing a silent auction, cookie bar and possibly a raffle throughout the night.

News Roundup: Dana Furgason presented information regarding Wyoming Promise, that they are getting the word out by sending postcards to legislators and getting more people involved. Mike Martin stated that we should contact our Senators to get on the House bill 3375 concerning robo calls. Delrai Jensen presented an app to battle robo-calls, but it costs money. Stan Blake reported legislative news: The Governor has a working group to work on wildlife corridors that the Petroleum Association disagreed with. They wanted to have the counties form their own committees, where a County Commissioner would chair. It passed. The Governor wanted to include the Game & Fish, where Stan Blake agreed and he was the only no vote. Select Water include the conversation about Little Snake River including millions of dollars for a minimal usage project that the Attorney General opposed, but changed their mind. There are no major cuts in the Governor’s Budget and there will be money taken out of our rainy day fund. We have a lot of work to do. Something’s gotta change.

50/50 raffle provided $108.00. Mike Martin won and chose the raffle item donated by a Precinct Committeewoman rather than half the pot.

Stan Blake moved to adjourn and Jim Wilson seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.

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