In-person Meetings & Gatherings

We are currently suspending all in-person meetings and gatherings. What's this mean for important events like monthly meetings, luncheons and our biggest event: Caucus & Convention?


For monthly meetings and luncheons, we're currently perusing tech tools to help us stay engaged and working together.


For the County Caucus & Convention:

You will be able to vote. Just in a different way.

You will be able to participate in the delegate process. Just in a different way.

County Caucus & Convention

March 31st 

We're transitioning to an all mail-in system!

For all those who were registered between March 11th-March 20th, you should be getting a ballot in the mail. If yours was returned to you for any reason or you lost yours you can request a new ballot by March 31st by filling out this form:

April 15th-17th Delegate Deadline for the County

If you wish to pledge to be a delegate and would rather print off a form, fill it out, and sign it and mail it... It must by postmarked by April 15th. Here's the form (Address included):

We also have a Google form that is available until April 17th at 5pm MDT:

We're still working on Convention Details... 

Monthly Meetings & Other Gatherings

Leave all the gloves at home! We're going online for monthly meetings until further notice...

April 2nd 

To join the Zoom Meeting, click:

Meeting ID: 637 007 027 - Password: 363196

If you prefer to join by phone, call 669-900-9128 or 346-248-7799.

Meeting ID: 637 007 027 - Password: 363196

We're going to be getting everyone updated at this meeting. Send us your questions or concerns that we will try to address by emailing us by 5pm April 2nd at:

April 16th

We're going to be talking about Delegates, Candidates. More to come on this soon! But until then...consider running for office, making a donation (we accept reoccurring monthly donations now!) Or... At the bare minimum... Get those ballots in the mail! 

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